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We want you to know where the products you are buying come from and the impact they cary. Here you can find some data points on us and our products.



Fabric and materials:

We use ECONYL® which is a fabric made of regenerated nylon. This nylon comes from different waste, such as fishing nets, fabric scarps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world.

Through the treatment and regeneration processes, nylon takes back its initial form and that way it can be used in diverse ends - in our case, activewear.



We produce our pieces in an atelier with experienced seamstresses whom we work closely with everyday. All of our pieces are designed and produced locally in order to ensure a reduced transportation environmental footprint.

We work with our seamstresses daily to reduce waste and make our products even better.

This way we can also ensure we know the conditions under which our workers are and make sure they are treated accordingly to our ethical standards.



Shipping and packaging:

All our products are produced locally, reducing the production footprint.

Our packages are the smallest possible and we try to only use one package per order. Furthermore, our packages are compostable, meaning they will disappear naturally, between 3 to 6 months, if you put them in your home composter (yes your home composter, no need for industrial composters!). Our labels are made with plantable paper so you can actually see your environmental contribution grow and flourish.



CO2 Emissions:

The textile industry is one of the worlds most polluting industries, but that doesn't mean it cannot be fixed. CO2 emissions, make up for a great part of climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gases (like CO2) is fundamental in reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. 


LYA avoids 57.100 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions  for every 10.000 tonnes of ECONYL® raw material. 



Crude Oil:

Nylon is a type of plastic derived from crude oil. This plastic is submitted to intense chemical processes resulting in strong and elastic fiber which is transformed for the production of various materials. It is a very polluting production with environmental impacts in greenhouse gases, water and energy consumption.  


By using ECONYL® in our pieces, we can drastically reduce the environmental impact of nylon by giving it a second life and disincentivizing its production. LYA saves 70.000 barrels of crude oil for every 10.000 tonnes of ECONYL® produced.



Your contribution:

No matter what we do to reduce the environmental impact, we know that it isn't prefect just yet. The good news is that you can help us get closer. Here's a list of tips for you to extend the life of your pieces and reducing the environmental footprint.

  1. Don't wash your clothes after every workout, unless it really needs washing!

  2. 30º is more than enough to wash your LYA clothes and line dried. We promise that's enough to clean all your LYA clothes. Washing clothes at high temperatures not is not as energy efficient as it damages your clothes quicker and is more costly.

  3. If you must iron your LYA clothes, iron at a low temperature. Once again our fabrics do not like high temperatures. If you can, iron only the places that need it or ideally do not iron at all!
  4. Use a special washing bag when possible. LYA hasn't (yet!) developed a solution for the microfibers that some clothes may release when washed - to avoid this problem you can use one of these bags!

  5. Don't throw away LYA clothes. Sell them second hand or contact us so we can go pick them up and arrange a donation. We strongly invest in the quality of our fabrics and we can certify that they are of great quality and durability. If you do not want any of the clothes there may be someone who wants them (and you can gain from that sale) or needs it (and you can do your good action with us).

We are reaching a better and more sustainable production everyday. With your help we believe we can lead the market and incentivise a change. Join us!