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Our Story

We started Light Years Away with a sole purpose - to be a good company. A good company in the choices we make, the decisions we take, the products we buy, the partners we choose, the environment which surrounds us and the world we have.
We are involved in all the steps of our clothing production in oder to make sure our processes are sustainable, ethical, fair and inclusive.
More than just a brand, we are a community. We are a conscious and active community, who neglects the stereotype, values transparency and believes in a better world. We are Light Years Away and not Light Years Ahead because we are not perfect. We are Light Years Away of being perfect. But that doesn't stop us. Everyday we make a difference and everyday we are one step closer. Look at you here. We're dancing in the office of happiness for having found someone like you, who believes in everything we believe.
You are one of us, let's make the difference. Together.
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